At Your French Connection we want to foster personal growth, deepen confidence in your French language skills and create connections with other cultures. We're thrilled to have worked with so many people just like you who are looking to expand their horizons in a fun and immersive way.

The day-long immersion trip to Montreal was wonderful! Alysse was thoroughly prepared, and her introduction to how the day would unfold helped give us the courage to practice speaking to strangers. When I've tried to practice speaking French on my own in Montreal, I find that people switch to English, and I gladly switch as well. This time, I was able to persevere,and it felt great. I appreciate her stress on just using the French language knowledge you have to make yourself understood. I look forward to participating in another of Your French Connection's outings in the future.
— Pam H., May 2017


 The good news is that I discovered you don’t have to cross the Atlantic to partake in a true immersive experience. The one-day excursions to Québec offered by YourFrenchConnection provide an affordable option much closer to home.

Under the skillful guidance and support of Alysse Anton, I found my recent trip to Sutton (Quebec) with a group of fellow “voyageurs” to be challenging (pas d'anglais autorisé), instructive, rewarding and FUN!  Although far from fluent, I feel that I can now approach my future sojourns in French-speaking Switzerland with more confidence as a result of this experience in a truly immersive environment.
— C.D. Rousseau, December 2017


It really helped me to know that I didn’t need to worry about subject-verb agreement and verb tenses to the point of halting my French speaking.  The sign we carried elicited a lot of smiles and made our purpose clear.  I gained a great deal of confidence that I can express most everything I need to in French and don’t need to lapse back into English.
— Patrick S., March 2018


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