Il faut vivre la langue pour l'apprendre!


Our Unique Approach

YOUR FRENCH CONNECTION takes you to a “practical classroom” where French is spoken all around you, in the province of Quebec-- and soon to France and the Francophone Caribbean.  Our immersion experience will help the Voyageurs build a practical vocabulary, expand their confidence with the language, and improve their ability to communicate in French, while developing an authentic cultural perspective.

With our immersion programs your learning accelerates because you are hearing, speaking--for a day or more--and truly living the language full time.

Parlez-moi en français, svp!

Another unique feature of our immersion experiences is our "Parlez-moi en français, s.v.p" (“speak to me in French, please") button. The button is a simple tool and it encourages local merchants, restaurant employees and locals in general to interact with our participants in French. This is especially important in the bilingual province of Quebec that strives to accommodate many English-speaking tourists. The button also emphasizes that you are open to the culture. This is much appreciated by locals - and very effective as a result.

We emphasize on you practicing French!

All our activities and situations are thoughtfully designed to help ensure that the Voyageurs engage in a significant level of interaction in French and build their confidence with the language.


Prenez des risques! Répétez! Jouez! Vivez et rêvez en français avec Your French Connection!